About Hayley

balloons hayHi, I’m Hayley,

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

It’s my mission to help people wanting more from their life, showing them how they can work online and travel the world at the same time!

I’m on a journey of self-employment, which has allowed me to travel where I want, when I want & earn an income at the same time. But I’m helping others do the same too!

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The Short Story -

I’m a born and bred Londoner, and by the age of 23, I have already travelled to over 37 countries. I have achieved this through hard work, careful money management and goal setting. It was in 2018 I realised my true passion in life was travel. My true dream was to be financially free but without having to sacrifice my time. So that I can travel, when I want and have more time to spend with my family and friends. Starting my own travel business & freelance English Teaching has allowed me to quit my cooperate architecture job and allowed me to live the laptop lifestyle I wanted. I’m also showing people like you who love travel and freedom how to do the same.

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The Long Story -

Let’s start from the beginning!

canadamumHonestly I have not had it easy, my life might look glamourous on social media with all the travelling but it hasn’t always been like that. My mum single handily raised me, I grew up on a council estate in the South East of London and it was not a great place. She worked hard doing a full time job to support us. We struggled with money and debt and now I’m moving away from that, creating a life I have always dreamed of. Giving my mum everything she deserves for supporting me. We have been through hard times together but that makes my vision for us stronger. Now I’m on the road to living my dream life and I’m not going to let anyone stop me!

Making extra Money

I’ve always been entrepreneurial and I’ve technically had an online business since I was 14. My mum and I were always in need of some extra money. As a 14 year old I couldn’t get a standard job as I was too young. The only job I could do was paper round, I tried that, but quit after 2 weeks I knew it wasn’t worth my time getting paid only £3 an hour (what a joke) and I had to be up at 5.00am every morning before school.

So I started selling clothes on EBay, first my own and then I bought items of clothing to resell to make profit. I was making a few extra hundred pounds a month which allowed me to hang out with my friends and help my mum when she needed some extra money. I did this for a few years and it really helped us.


At school we were never taught how to find your passion in life. Simply told you need to learn this information if you want a good job! Never taught things that would benefit our lives, such as skills for running a business, how to get a mortgage, how tax works, but as we know the system is flawed! All they did was teach you to memorise unnecessary information, NOT about how to live freely.

Then I was told I needed to go to university to get a good job, again, which I did. However I was the first person in my family to go to university (Yay me!). I studied architecture which I guess was randomly plucked out of the air as I liked art and maths. Architecture combined the challenges I needed alongside being creative. And I thought this could really pay me well and I could live the life I wanted, to be financially free and to buy me and my mum a home.

Travel Addiction

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My travel addiction began before I started university, in the summer of 2014, when my school organised a volunteer trip to Tanzania working with children. I worked so hard as I had to fundraise all the money for the resources we were taking with us and for all my travel costs, injections and the malaria tablets I needed.

In 2017 I completed my degree in Architecture; well let’s just say I smashed it, not to toot my own horn, somehow through the stress and many breakdowns I came out with a first class degree. Then in summer of 2017 I got my first job as an architectural assistant, I had that placement for a year and honestly I hated it. I used to come home crying at least once a week. The pay was barely enough to live off if you rented in London (luckily I lived at home) and I was working a lot of unpaid overtime because everyone else was staying late. Time I will never get back. Architecture takes 7-8 years to qualify, when I left university I planned to carry on with that career.

South America

While working that job every day I was dreaming of travelling. As I was living at home during that placement I decided to save all the money I could, and go on my dream trip to South America. I saved a LOT of money by being very careful and sacrificing things like nights out with friends. London’s an expensive place to live and if you’re not careful you can end up in the cycle of being paid every month, spending everything and being back to square 1 next month.

Before I left for my trip to South America in the summer of 2018 I decided to start a travel blog, I hoped it would become successful and that I won’t have to work a 9-5 job anymore. But I didn’t put enough effort into it and that’s why it failed. I wanted it to be my business but I never treated it like one. Hence I didn’t get the results I wanted.

I lived my best life for 6 months in the funniest continent on earth, ticking off bucket list destinations such as Macchu Picchu, Angel Falls, Rio de Janerio, Patagonia and Iguazu falls.

I had a realisation when I was staying in a hostel by a local beach town in Uruguay that I didn’t want to go back to university. Why am I following a career I don’t really care about? I didn’t want a normal 9-5 job, one that involves me working extra overtime and not for my benefit. Why put myself through pain, stress and unhappiness? Just to be building someone else’s dream. I didn’t want that. I decided then, I wasn’t going to go back to university to carry on in a career in architecture.

Returning from my 6 month trip

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Broke and in need of a job, I came back from my travels in the New Year of 2019. Not knowing what I wanted or what I should do, I just needed some money. So I applied for the only job I knew, as another architectural assistant, I got a job within a week at a practice luckily this time I really liked.

I do enjoy the work, the environment is much better and friendlier than where I had worked before and I don’t come home in tears like I did. They have shown me the nicer side of an architectural practice. But it’s still not for me. I can’t see myself in 10, 20 or 50 year’s time in this profession. Sitting in the same position as my colleagues. They might love it but, it’s not what I want, even though I’m good at my job it’s not for me.

Every day I would STILL be trying to find ways to work online. How can I travel more? How can I work while I travel? I started working harder on my travel blog, putting in time after work. But it takes up so much time and I wasn’t seeing any results.

In summer 2019 I was presented an opportunity to start an online travel business. Which I came across on social media. It was to become an online travel agent. Which I had looked into previously, but I didn’t even know where to start. This opportunity showed me how I could create the life I wanted and dreamed of. Showing me how I can help others travel better and smarter. With extra opportunities to build a passive income, all ONLINE. The best part I could do it while working my 9-5 job still. No sales targets, no minimum working hours it was perfect. I had to say YES. IT WAS A NO BRAINER!

Since then I’ve been working hard to make my dreams come true. Following my vision to inspire and help people to travel better. Helping like-minded individuals, showing them there is more to life than a 9-5 job. Check out my business page Work With Me to learn more. Everything is going online these days and the opportunities for work are endless.

My online work has developed me and made me into the happiest, even more positive and confident person. EVERYDAY I’M GROWING into a BETTER PERSON! And I can truly feel this. I am so grateful for what I’ve been given, and you can have it to!


July 2020 I handed in my resignation for my architecture job and become fully self empolyed as a Travel Business Owner and Part time Online English Teacher.