Angel Falls Tour Adventure, Venezuela

There is no easy way to get to the highest waterfall on earth. The only way to get to Angel falls is via a small plane to Canaima, 4 hours on a wooden motorised canoe and a 1 hour hike to the view point. Then you stay overnight in a hammock next to the River Churun which sits under the falls. I have never been somewhere so beautiful and wild, which felt so far from civilisation.

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I visited Venezuela in July 2018, it was amazing but also difficult to organise due to the economical crisis at that time. You can read how to travel to Venezuela here!

The Famous Angel Falls is 979 metres high. It drops over the edge of the Auyán-tepui mountain within the Canaima National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tour + Lodge

You can’t visit Angel Falls alone, you will need to go on a tour. I booked the 3 day 2 night tour to Angel Falls with the tour operator Hike Venezuela, I was supposed to stay at a cheaper lodge called Excursiones Kavac, but the other people on the tour decided to cancel last minute. Andreas at Hike Venezuela worked quickly in finding me another lodge and tour to join. I ended up having to leave a day earlier from Guyana and paying extra for a more luxury lodge. Joining a similar tour run by Waku Lodge which was totally worth the money!

The afternoon before we departed for Angel Falls we had a tour of the waterfalls around Canaima Lagoon which you can read about here! Also amazing!

Time to leave for Angel Falls

The next day it was time for the almighty Angel Falls adventure. We had to leave at 6am to take the truck for about 20 minutes through Canaima and then the first boat for an hour. Then walk for 40 minutes and to get back into the boat for 3 hours sometimes going through crazy currents and weaving between rocks… Ill be posting a video soon of the mad adventure!

Starting the tour to Angel Falls

Preparing to start the 4 hours in the canoe

Stop at Happiness Waterfall

On the way we stopped at a small waterfall off the main river called Happiness, where we could swim in the pool.

Even though we knew our clothes were going to get soaked we all went for a swim. Being me means I’m prone to some kind of accident.. This time I got dragged down this waterfall and washed into the river. Luckily it wasn’t a high drop, I had to swim after my GoPro as it started to float away down the river! I was only left with a tiny cut and a fat purple bruise on my knee luckily.

On the way to Angel Falls

On the way to the camp

Angel Falls we made it!

We arrived at the shelter we were going to be sleeping at that night in hammocks and had lunch before we headed off to the view point. From camp we could already see Angel falls and had the chance to swim in the red river below the falls. Honestly it was so so beautiful, already amazed by the views and vastness of the incredible waterfall. Just look at the picture bellow!

Swimming under Angel Falls

Quick dip in the river Angel Falls runs into

Somehow the shelter had electricity, plug sockets and a functioning toilet and cold-water shower which I was not expecting so I obviously didn’t bring my charger. The lunch was delicious and was made by the 2 guides and another guy who seemed to be staying at the shelter. George the main guide, made sure I had an extra dish of cheese and vegetables to myself.

Hike to Angel Falls View Point

After we were fed it was time for the hike! It wasn’t too bad as the ground was reasonably dry at the time. But it was quite difficult as the ground was covered in tree roots and you had to take some steep steps upwards, being careful that you don’t trip over anything. I was wearing long trousers and shirt to avoid the mosquitoes and I was sweating like hell! It was so humid. We reached the main view point and chilled for a while to admire and take photos. I was just blown away, Angel Falls purely amazed me!

Then we headed to the base of the falls where you can swim. It felt so untouched the surrounding nature was dense and there is only the one route to the waterfall. If they stopped tours for a year you know the jungle would start to cover the trail.

Swimming in the base of the highest waterfall on earth

The water in the base was freezing and I was feeling pretty nervous after falling down the small waterfall that morning. For sure I didn’t want to get dragged into the current here because for sure you will die… still it was beautiful. I was swimming under the highest waterfall on earth! CRAZY! It was getting dark and started to rain so we had to head back down to the camp with our touches.

View from Angel Falls

Views from the base of Angel Falls

Back to Camp

We washed off the mud in the river and had our dinner. Our guide George set up the hammocks and nets for the night. The group chilled together and talked for a while before going to bed. This was my second night in a hammock ever and I slept pretty well this time.

Hammocks for the night

Sad to leave Angel Falls

The next morning we were woken up by our guides super early, had a bit of food. Then we had to leave at 5am and get back in the boat. It had rained a lot in the night and was still raining in the morning. I didn’t have a jumper or coat as I wasn’t told to bring one and all my clothes were wet, so I was freezing. The river was absolutely crazy, I thought the boat ride on the way there was bad, this was something else…

Angel Falls overflowing

Angel Falls overflowing from the rain that night

On the canoe it was like being on the rapids at an amusement park, but for 3 hours. I got smashed in the face by one wave and it knocked me backwards off my seat, it was bad! Obviously I found it funny but I was shivering the whole way back and thought the boat might tip.. the whole way I was picturing myself lost in the Venezuelan jungle, I don’t even know what would happen if the canoe tipped. Honestly I couldn’t wait to get off and have some dry warm clothes on and not be at risk of being stranded in the jungle.


(and I caught that wave hitting me in the face)

Camp bellow Angel Falls

We all warmed up on the walk between the two boat rides back and then reached the Waku Lodge at about 10am. They let us shower and change before we had to depart for our flight back to the city.My trip to Angel falls was incredible! Although my bus was basically hijacked on the way from Ciudad Bolivar to the Brazilian Boarder! you can read the story here! I’m still so glad I went and I have some beautiful and crazy memories from the trip. Definitely one of my highlights from my entire South American trip. Pure, wild and beautiful nature! Its one of the best adventures I ever have had, and wont be forgetting any time soon!

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  1. This looks INCREDIBLE!!! I’m a huge fan of Up and have wanted to visit here ever since seeing that, haha. It looks like such a fun adventure, and I love that you can hike up to it and swim in the lower falls. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Great photos! and thank you for all the information!! Angel Falls is my #1 must do once in a lifetime trip.

    quick question: where do you fly from ito Canaima? Thanks! – Sarah

    • Hey Sarah!
      Thank you it was truly an amazing trip! to fly to Canaima you can fly from Puerto Ordez. The tour company sorted everything for me and the flight was included in the price so its good!

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