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Last year I was kindly gifted the Prima 3L Anti Theft Bag by Sherpani from Flashpacker Co. I’ve been using it around London and recently travelling around with the bag on the road as a digital nomad in Bali. It has proved so useful for travelling between destinations and on days out exploring new places. As a digital nomad its so import to have the right gear in order to set up work quickly while trying to keep your bag as light as possible at the same time. So this bag proves both light and is overall a great little day bag. Bags go through the roughest conditions (buses, bikes and airports) so you need something strong that you know won’t break easily and protect all your items.

Flashpacker Co is a travel gear provider specialising in matching travellers up with the perfect items for them. The founders at Flashpacker Co are experts in travel and also digital nomads themselves.  

Full disclaimer, I am an affiliate partner with Flashpacker Co and do receive a small revenue share percentage from sales of any of these items. BUT I’m also passing along the savings to you guys so that you can save 20% off anything in the Flashpacker store when you use code: HEAD4HORIZONS.

So here is my review of the Prima 3L Anti Theft Bag based on my experiences of using it to travel and work online. I hope this will show you how important it is to have the best travel gear and why its a great decision to get kitted out by Flashpacker Co. You can find more of their amazing travel gear here also.

Prima 3L Anti Theft Bag Review

All travellers will know a small daypack is essential for travel. Something not too big or too small but perfect for daily adventures or keeping important items secure when travelling to the airport or new place.

The bag is built with security in mind. Sadly one of the biggest issues with travelling is theft, in big cities many pickpockets target tourists. Having a safe place to keep your phone and purse will keep your mind at ease when exploring. Knowing that if anyone tries to slip their hand into your bag they will struggle to take anything out. 


Key Features 

The Anti Theft Bag is the perfect bag for travel due to its simple but stylish design with its many secret security features to keep your stuff safe on the road. 

  • 3 litres of packable space – enough room for essentials 
  • 2 zip pockets and 1 slip pocket on the outside – easy access for you for key items like passport 
  • Adjustable crossbody anti slash strap and anti slash base – meaning it can’t be cut easily with a knife
  • Durable melange & nylon fabric – so it’s lightweight and water-resistant.
  • RFID protection in Front panel – meaning contactless cards cannot be scanned
  • Security zippers to make it harder for someone else to open
  • Chair loop wire lock to attach to chair or table
  • Choice of 3 different colours – Carbon (black), Copper (orange) or Sterling (grey).

Is it good for Travel and Exploring?

Finding a durable travel day bag can be hard to find. One big enough to fit all the daily essentials but also one that has a nice design. The Anti Theft Bag definitely manages to do all of them things. And compacts it into a lovely little design. I highly recommend this bag it has been easy to carry and has made my belongs feel secure when on the road. 

Which other day bags do I recommend?

Of course I recommend this bag – The Prima 3L Anti Theft Purse which you can find on the Flashpacker Co store here

Flashpacker Co has a wide variety of day packs suitable to everyones needs. Check out some of these other day bags if you are looking for something else, you will not be disappointed. 

Smaller Day packs 

Packable Waistpack 3L Fanny Pack – can be worn as a cross body or fanny pack

5L Urban Sling Bag – great day bag for city exploring 

Bigger day packs 

Citizen 9L Tote Backpack – great for bigger day adventures if you want to carry some more items such as water and your camera 

15L Waxed Canvas & Horween Leather Daypack – cute and stylish day pack with lots of space 

Remember if you see anything you like you can save 20% off in the Flashpacker store when you use code: HEAD4HORIZONS at checkout. 

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