10 Best Things About Being a Digital Nomad

As the world of remote work begins to grow, more people are finding new ways to live and work. One of them is the Digital Nomad Lifestyle, working remotely and living in different locations around this beautiful world.

The best things about being a Digital Nomad depend on the person but this nomadic lifestyle has many benefits and advantages which can improve lives, personal growth, finance and general happiness.

I’ve been travelling for a few years now while working remotely in different locations as a Digital Nomad.

Since starting this venture it hasn’t all been smooth sailing but what I have gained from this Digital Nomad lifestyle I wouldn’t change for the world.

There are always disadvantages to the ways different people live, but for me, the best things about being a Digital Nomad outweigh the bad. As with anything in life, it’s all about balance, finding what works for you and makes you happy.

If you are on your remote work journey and you are still wondering why to become a Digital Nomad, make sure you keep reading, as I hope this encourages you to keep pushing and live your remote work dreams.

This should help you to weigh up the pros and cons of being a Digital Nomad, but the best thing you can do is try out the lifestyle for yourself!

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Here are The 10 Best Things About Being a Digital Nomad

1. Travel & Work Where You Want

Here we go, for most Digital Nomads this is the top thing about this lifestyle. Being able to travel, work where you want and when you want. The freedom of being able to pick which country to live in and how long you want to stay for.

Many people have goals to travel the world but don’t get to do it as much as they like, as they are tied to a 9-5 with limited holiday days.

This is a problem most Digital Nomads don’t have to deal with as they live in these places with total location freedom. Having a working day and once it’s over just being able to pop to the beach to catch the sunset with a few beers and some friends is priceless.

Many Digital Nomads are inspired by the places they travel and work in, allowing themselves to push their goals further and achieve great things.

best things about being a Digital Nomad


2. Experience Different Cultures on a Deeper Level

The difference between taking a short holiday and actually living in a place affect your experience greatly! Being able to stick around somewhere and become a local will totally expose you to deeper connections and experiences.

You can truly get to know a place, the people who live there and become part of a community, instead of just brushing the surface with a holiday.

3. Developing as a Person

Travel, in general, is a great way to push boundaries, to grow and develop as a person. As you will be put into new challenging situations, surrounded by new people which will test you on different levels.

Your mind will be opened and exposed to a variety of opinions and beliefs which may be completely new.

Travel will make you think about the bigger picture, remind you of who you are, who you love and why. While also making you more grateful and allowing you to appreciate the more important things in life.

best things about being a Digital Nomad

4. Cheaper Living Costs/ Better Quality

Generally speaking, depending on where your home country is, the costs of living in other places will be cheaper (not always the case).

This allows you to have a better quality of life and means you can afford some extras which you might not be able to at home. This might mean you’re able to eat out more, do weekend trips, get a bigger apartment or a cleaner.

Being able to say yes to everything without worrying or thinking about your budget is amazing and freeing.

5. Minimal Lifestyle

Living the Digital Nomad lifestyle usually means you need to fit your entire life into a suitcase or backpack. Obviously, we know how small they can be, so this means you end up living with fewer things.

This can be good and bad for some, but you might find yourself enjoying the lack of stuff, our homes are filled with things we don’t use, or clothes that have never been worn.

So when it comes to packing as a Digital Nomad you really need to think about how much you are going to use an item, how much value it has and is it worth carrying?

Less stuff means fewer things to think about and more time to focus on what’s really important.

“Having less stuff is the key to happiness” – Francine Jay.

best things about being a Digital Nomad

6. Financial Freedom – Learning to Manage Money

With the beauty of being able to live a minimal and cheaper life, comes having more money. Meaning you have more to put into other projects or doing the smart thing and investing your money.

The freelance and entrepreneur Digital Nomads will need to budget for themselves, learn about taxes, expenses, pensions and just, in general, become better with their money.

If you are a remote employee Digital Nomad, you will still need to learn about budgeting but less about tax and pensions, as generally they would be covered in the payroll.

If you are finding yourself in situations where you can’t cover your costs, then it’s time to pick up some more work or side incomes, which is the beauty of the Digital Nomad lifestyle you have the freedom to do that.

As you are fully in charge of your life, you don’t have the support of a job that pays you the same amount every single month, (unless you are a Remote Employee).

You really have to be smart with money and make it work for you. There are many ways to learn more about money and investing – Check out The Lifestyle Lab if you want more information on online incomes and building financial freedom. If you use code TLL25 you can get 25% off yearly memberships.

7. Meeting New People

One of the benefits of being a Digital Nomad is being able to meet new people on a constant basis.

Being exposed to different people all the time means you are going to find people who you connect with on deeper levels, deeper than some of the people you may have grown up with.

Meeting new people is a chance to be educated, inspired or just to have fun and make memories with. New relationships will increase your sense of belonging, purpose, improve your self-worth and overall increase your happiness.

“The most important things in life are the connections you make with others” – Tom Ford.

8. No Long or Stressful Commute

Why become a Digital Nomad you say? Well, something you won’t ever have to do again is a long or stressful commute! Meaning no riding the underground squashed under someone’s armpit and not being stuck in a busy traffic jam for hours on the way to work.

Generally, it gives you more time and less stress, just pull out your laptop and get cracking with work. The best thing is you choose where you work from, whether that’s from home, a coworking space or a nice cafe.

You get to pick, so you decide if you need to commute or not and if you do usually you can walk or it will be a short commute away, depending on where you pick to live.

9. Work as Much or as Little as You Like

Being able to choose the amount of time you work is amazing! If you feel like you really need to take a break from work and you want to go explore Costa Rica for a month, you can totally do that.

Maybe you enjoy filling your days with fun hobbies and only want to work part-time, you can do that. If you want to save money for the future, pick up more hours and save what you need, you can.

There are no set rules for how many hours you work unless you are a remote employee on a standard work contract. But there is still nothing stopping you from picking up some side work or even taking a part-time job.

It’s your life to design, so figure out what you enjoy and what your income and time goals look like.

10. Become Part of a Community – Feeling Like You Belong

One of the best things about being a Digital Nomad is becoming part of a movement and way of life. The set structure and system of a 9-5 job that has been designed for people is so outdated and controlling.

It was designed to keep people in the system, paying tax and working 40 hour weeks until they retire. While only having just enough money to pay the bills, get through life, raise children and holiday once a year.

You don’t have to follow that ‘normal’ way of living or be accounted for why you haven’t bought a house in your home town and started raising children.

You aren’t alone, not everyone wants to follow that way of life, there are more people opting for different ways of living.

There are many others out there, like you, and becoming one means you are part of that community of people who think differently. A community of people who are pushing boundaries, living to the fullest and finding true happiness in their lives.

best things about being a Digital Nomad

If you are looking to connect with other Digital Nomads these are some of my favourite free Facebook Groups.

Digital Nomads Around The World,

Girls LOVE Getting Paid While They Travel

Alongside the online community at The Lifestyle Lab, which is a private members area but we regularly host meetups in different places. There will always be somewhere there to support you on your Digital Nomad journey including myself.

Thoughts on The Best Things About Being a Digital Nomad

Yes, these are some of my personal opinions on the best things about being a Digital Nomad. My experience is different from other Digital Nomads, as we do different types of work and live in different places.

I love living this life but you do need to find a balance between the pros and cons of being a Digital Nomad. You can read more here about the WORST things about being a Digital Nomad. For me, the advantages are everything and that’s why I sacrifice things for the chance to explore beautiful places.

If you’re aspiring to the Digital Nomad lifestyle or you are still unsure of why to become a Digital Nomad. I’m always happy to help you out and support you! Just drop me a message on Instagram @headforhorizons or email me.

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