Canaima Lagoon and Waterfalls Tour, Venezuela

Alongside the insane Angel Falls (the highest waterfall on earth). There is other things to see in Canaima national park. You can visit the Canaima waterfalls and lagoon and have an amazing experience too! Why wouldn’t you want to see more waterfalls right?

My tour to Angel falls It involved staying 1 night at Canaima National Park. This is part of the standard package you get when taking a tour to Angel falls. The companies who run the tours to the falls own the lodges in Canaima.

I visited Venezuela in July 2018, it was amazing but also difficult to organise due to the economical crisis at that time. You can read how to travel to Venezuela here!

Last Minute Tour Change

Hike Venezuela booked me onto a last minute tour 3 days 2 nights to Angel Falls with Waku Lodge. I wasn’t originally supposed to go with this lodge as it was more expensive, but my original tour had to cancel due to people dropping out. I decided to pay to the extra cost as I was not going to miss Angel Falls after all the effort and preparation of planning to go to Venezuela in the first place.

Be-warned these Macaw’s will chase you around the lodge and bite your ankles!

I flew from Puerto Ordez to Canaima on the smallest plane I’ve been on with about 20 people on it.. My driver Juan in Puerto Ordez sorted out my check in as my Spanish wasn’t very good and also helped with paying my tax. We ended up bumping into an American/ Venezuelan family who were going to the same lodge as me. Juan asked them if they will help me get through security if they ask me any questions in Spanish.. I ended up sticking with them for the rest of the trip basically becoming part of their family.

The flight was about 1 hour and we flew slightly near the falls I think I just about saw it from the window!

Waku Lodge – Canaima

I had no idea what the lodge would be like as I didn’t have a chance to look it up, I literally just said yes to Andreas (from Hike Venezuela) told him to book it and paid up. When I arrived I was like HELLL! It’s the nicest place I’ve ever stayed in my entire life. I was honestly amazed! It was right on the front of the Canaima Lagoon and waterfalls. When we arrived we were given welcome cocktails and necklaces.

We were then shown to our rooms. I had not idea what to expect I thought maybe I would be sharing a room with someone but I ended up with a king size bedroom with a mini terrace and hammock outside to chill DAMN! and most importantly AIRCON!

This is the true meaning of flashpacking, I knew I wouldn’t be staying anywhere else this nice on my trip though, so I had to make the most of it. It had been my birthday a few days before. Which didn’t really feel like a birthday as I was stuck in Lethem, Guyana a town with absolutely nothing there and no other people at my guesthouse.. So this was my new birthday in Canaima and what a treat!

canaima lagoon

Beautiful Spots around the lodge

Lunch Break

Me and my new friend Oriana explored the lodge together and got them insta shots of eachother! Then it was time for the buffet lunch. I was so hungry as I hadn’t eaten a proper meal in 2 days because of traveling and not being able to get a proper meal as I didn’t have enough cash in the city and using my card was a bad idea which I learnt after a bought chips and a drink at McDonalds for the exchange price of £38 lol.

The lodge food was delicious, I ate so much! I know it this time there was a food shortage in Venezuela, but I didn’t feel it was as extreme as the news was making it. I did see a lot of food in the city, although it was so expensive. When I think about the current situation as of March 2019, I feel bad that I could have possibly taken food from the population who are starving but at the same time I was trying to support the country by being a tourist.

Yummy buffet lunch

Canaima Lagoon and Waterfalls Tour

After lunch it was time for the Canaima Lagoon and waterfalls tour. I met the rest of our tour group who were a group of 5 friends, that are pilots in Caracas. We all got in the boat and headed to the first waterfall which we had to hike to after the boat ride.

This trip involved walking behind waterfalls. I’ve never done this before, and I thought it would be a lot more chilled. Honestly it was quite stressful, and it was like being in a hurricane if I can imagine what that’s like. Constantly being sprayed/ blasted by water and trying to hold onto a rope and walk when you can’t even see/ breathe properly. This is not the place you want to start freaking out just stay calm and keep walking.. at the same time it was amazing and a funny experience!

sapo falls canaima national park

Behind Sapo Falls with our guide

Sapo Falls

We made it out the first waterfall and stopped for a swim in a pool next to it. Then we hiked in our swimsuits and socks to the next place, which was on top of the Sapo falls. We stopped to mess about in the water again and take photos. Then it was time to go back down and behind the waterfall again. Time to drown for the second time. After we were out, we picked up our bags from where we left them and got dressed.

sapo falls canaima national park

Little dip in the pool next to Sapo Falls

Then hiked to the second view point over the Sapo falls, which was stunning!

sapo falls canaima national park

At the top of Sapo Falls

Second Waterfall Stop

We headed back down to where the boat was and piled in. I was knackered/ hungry/ ready to go back to eat and rest at the beautiful lodge. I thought the tour was over, but it actually wasn’t. We pulled up to another place just below a bunch of really steep steps. I almost wasn’t in the mood to go to another waterfall haha! Obviously, I pushed myself and had to go. It was just as incredible as the first waterfall. We were asked if we wanted to cross the water and go to the path. I was thinking where is the path? We had to go in a group and hold hands and slowly move across the moving water and then directly into a waterfall. It was hard work!

We went into that waterfall! just next to the greenery!

The rest of the group made it across, and we started our walk again behind the waterfall. Although this one is much more slippery, we had to walk in side steps and hold hands with the people next to us. This waterfall inside was beautiful and there were plants growing under it. We even saw a bird who lives there with new born chicks, it was so cute!

After we reached the end of the path we headed back to where we entered. And back down to the boat. Absolutely soaked but we saw the most stunning waterfalls, and a lovely sky from the boat as the sun was setting.

Rest + Dinner time

We arrived back at the lodge and were given hot chocolate and the most delicious snacks, I ate so much again and was nearly full up, even though dinner was in an hour haha!

We all headed for a shower and the get some dry clothes on. Sadly, there was no hot water, so I just stood there shivering as I tried to wash my hair. I headed for dinner and was after joined by my tour fam.

I didn’t eat so much dinner after all the snacks I’d had. After dinner we chilled on the sofas and tried to connect to the WiFi which wasn’t working, and this place definitely didn’t have service. We were briefed about what time we would be leaving and what to bring. We all headed to bed as we had to wake up at like 4am (ouch) to set off for the falls. I packed a tiny bag and somehow managed to leave things I actually needed like my raincoat in Puerto Ordez oopssss…

Canaima lagoon

Watching the end of the sunset over the Canaima Lagoon

There are lots of different lodges in Canaima which have a range of different prices Hike Venezuela can help with booking and arranging the tours as some lodges can be hard to contact (trust me I tried! and they gave me horrendous prices compared to Hike Venezuela)

Just coming to Canaima is worth it! so it’s a extra alongside seeing Angel Falls. Stunning scenery, Mini waterfall adventures and beautiful lodges to stay in. It’s the perfect escape to and to be surrounded by pure and raw Venezuelan nature I would have loved to stay longer!

The next morning was time to leave for Angel Falls!

 You can read the post here about the next part of the tour! 

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