Creating Long Term Goals to Travel The World

Have you ever dreamed about travelling the world? If you feel like you have other commitments stopping you. If you set some goals you can make these travel dreams come true with a little planning. Have a read of this post to learn why I set goals and how you can do it yourself. Let’s get them bucket list items ticked off!

goals to travel the world

Flying over Mount Kilimanjaro

In 2016 I decided to create long term goals to travel the world. With the aim to visit the majority/ all of the countries. My plan is, that by the age of 50 (I know that’s a long time), I would have travelled to every country. I calculated a minimum of 6 new countries per year in order to achieve my goal. At the same time, I’m happily returning to countries I’ve already been to and would love to go back and see more of them if I get the chance.

In 2016, 2017, 2018 travels meant I would have met this goal and hopefully will continue to through the years if circumstances allow it. For me 6 countries a year minimum is achievable especially when living in Europe. Who knows what I will do when I run out of European countries to fly to for short weekends. Obviously, I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I can only try my best to make this happen. But I’m sure things will fall into place.




“I haven’t been everywhere, but It’s on my list.”

– Susan Sontag

The Years so Far…

2016 – 9 new countries (2 months of travel plus a few short trips all during university holiday time)

2017 – 6 new countries (Short trips. Last year of my degree with little money, then starting a job straight away and being given minimum annual leave)

2018 – 15 new countries (half-year working, other half travelling full time)

2019 – 3 new countries (year of working office job in London and saving big time). My goal will not be met this year but I’m happy as 2018 makes up for it.

2020 – 2 new countries ( +1 previously visited). Lockdowns all over the world! 

2021 – 2 new countries (still trouble with covid and travel restrictions)

2022 – 1 new country so far 

Read on if you want some tips on how to create and achieve your own goal…

goals to travel the world

Major Travel Goal – Machu Picchu – 2018

I’m was pursuing a career in Architecture, but released my real passion was travel and am currently working on becoming full time self-employed.

For people who are working full-time jobs or studying for a future career, who still love to travel and want to find time for it, a goal like this is what you need if you want to get out and see as much of the world as you can in your life.

Create Your Travel Goal

It’s easy to create a long term goal like this for yourself. If you are looking to set one, you could start by making a list of the countries/ places you really want to go to (or all of them like me). Then you need a time period in which you want to achieve this by. Simply divide the number of countries/ places by the amount of years/ time period you want to achieve them in. And BAMM you have your long term goals to travel the world.

goals to travel the world

Thailand – 2015

Set your deadlines!

If you really want to make things happen you have to set deadlines or they might never happen, you don’t want to look back on your life thinking I wish I went there, I wish I did that, just do it! save that money, book that flight!

“Goals without deadlines are just dreams.”

– Robert Herjavec

Once you have worked out your travel goal, simply start achieving it just like mine. I manage this by making early plans, saving money then booking flights. Make sure you’re using your holiday time wisely, for example using annual leave around bank holidays. And if you’re at university making sure you’re travelling in your summer holidays you won’t get to have long periods of time off like that in the future when you get a job.

goals to travel the world

New York at Xmas Goal – 2018

No Money, No Worries

If money is stopping you from work for a bit then travel for the rest of the holiday, but there are loads of ways to travel cheaply, etc if you’re willing to hitch rides or volunteer in return for accommodation and food. Really thinking about these can help you achieve your goals to travel the world.

Low-cost flights

And if you are worried about money and think this is stopping you from going, travelling is not always as expensive as you think. I’ve booked a return flight to London > Copenhagen for £20! You just need to actively search for cheap prices. I’m addicted to Skyscanner and am constantly looking at flights. If you need any help just message me I can help!


There are some amazing volunteer projects on sites such as Workaway, you can travel and learn something new, win-win. I have spent some of my time spent volunteering in Germany and Tanzania.


What Are Your Goals to Travel The World?

I came back from a 5 month trip to South America which I had been planning for a long time. Ticked that goal of my list now! You can read my rough itinerary here

I’ve still got 27 years to go of my goal and I’m hoping I would have been to all the main countries on my bucket list, but maybe even all the countries in the world if things go accordingly. If I don’t achieve it by the age of 50 then I’ve still got my whole retirement to make it up haha!

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