Game of Thrones tour from Belfast – Review

A cheap flight to Belfast for a weekend? Plus a Game of Thrones tour around Northern Ireland for a day?.. 100% in. After learning that Northern Ireland is home to so many Game of Thrones filming locations, I was all in for a trip. The fact it was only £25 for the whole day tour!!! That even included a stop at The Giants Causeway. Couldn’t say no!

Have a read of this blog post to check out the beautiful stops on the tour! It would even be great for a non Game of Thrones fan. You can also read my guide to Belfast here.

Game of Thrones Tour – The Locations

This is one of my favourite bus day trips I’ve been on! We went with Irish tour tickets, the tour was £25 lasting for around 9 hours. We booked through Viatour. There was an optional extra fee, but only to walk across the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge which cost an extra £8. Be sure to sit on the right side of the bus (the drivers side). As the bus drives along the Antrim coast road on the way, so you will get the best views. The day was amazing and the guide we had called Ed was great!

The tour stops

You could easily do this tour by yourself if you hire a car, I can’t drive but the road seemed like it would be easy to follow. All the stops we did were free, maybe you will have some parking fee’s apart from that. You just won’t get all the great facts and info from the guide. But this will allow you to stop whenever, wherever. We drove past some stunning beaches and I would have happily stopped for a dip if we were driving.

Castle black

We didn’t stop as the coach is not allowed to or are we allowed in the Magheramorne quarry but on a clear day you can see castle black, which is actually real including the lift which goes up to the top of the wall (not as high as the wall in the series). The bus slowly drives past for you to get a quick look.

Carnlough Harbour

First was a quick stop at the Carnlough harbour a location from season 6 where Arya Stark was filmed climbing out of the water after getting stabbed in Bravos.

Game of Thrones tour

Cushendun Caves

Next was a stop at the caves where Melisandra gave birth to that devil shadow baby. The caves are deffo ‘dark and full of terrors’. I was standing close to the shore and a sneaky small wave came over and washed into my shoe, soggy shoe of the rest of the day..

Game of Thrones tour

Giant’s Causeway

We had nearly 2 hours to spend at the causeway which was a great amount of time! Not a location for Game of Thrones, but you can’t drive the Antrim coast without seeing this famous spot in Northern Ireland. There’s various paths you can take around the site. We decided not to have a guided tour or use the audio guide we just wandered around. The main area of the causeway is about a 15 minute walk downhill from the visitor centre. There’s a bus which runs all day for a small price (£1) to take people who don’t want to/ unable to walk it. The causeway was packed! But we should have expected that for a bank holiday weekend. But it’s such a beautiful and interesting place to see.

We also walked up to one of the cliff edges which we found out you could sometimes see basking sharks and bottlenose dauphins from, we didn’t see any though! Sad! Coming with this tour group meant we was able to get free tickets to go inside the visitor centre, to use the toilets etc but the actual causeway is free to see.

Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge

My favourite stop of the day on the Game of Thrones Tour! The sun was shining properly by then. We decided to pay the extra £8 to cross the rope bridge, which sits 30m over the Atlantic Ocean, pretty cool! It was very busy and you don’t get much time on the bridge unless you walk extra extra slow. I would have liked to spend a bit longer here as I could have happily spent some time laying in the perfectly long soft grass, staring out to sea, it was beautiful.


Game of Thrones tour


Just a walk from the car park of Carrick-a-rede. Used as a car park when not filming, this was where we was first introduced to High Garden, also used to film part of the iron islands. Nice place for a car park..

Game of Thrones tour

View from the Greyjoy filming spot at Larrybane.

Dunluce Castle

We had a quick photo op by the side of the road, to see Greyjoy manor. I would have liked to get a little closer to the castle but there’s no time for that on this tour.

Game of Thrones tour

The Dark Hedges

These amazing beech trees were the Kings Road in GOT. When we arrived there was so so many people! It’s funny how pictures can really create different ideas of places. I was almost imagining a quiet road with only our tour group on, but nopeeee. We stayed here for about 30 mins and luckily by the end all the other groups had left and it was only us. We also had cool costumes to try on and play about in. The hedges felt more dark and mysterious when it was quiet and less people!


It was then time to drive back to Belfast!

We arrived back in the city about 6.30pm. Our guide Ed also told us which hotel the cast usually stay as they had only been filming that week! Not guna lie we did stop by the hotel just in the hope we would bump into someone. Which we did not but we can only dream…

If you need any inspiration for what to do in Belfast. Read my Belfast guide here!

If you want to see some natural beauty of Northern Ireland even if you aren’t a fan of the show you wont be disappointed on this Game of Thrones tour. The sites are all pure magic! I felt we really got to see a lot of Northern Ireland in only 1 day. Though I didn’t get to meet Daenerys or her dragons but ya know life goes on.

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