Become a Teacher with Amazing Talker

Have you considered teaching online before but wasn’t sure how or where? This guide I have put together will show you how to Become a Teacher with Amazing Talker. Working online as an English Teacher is a proven way to earn a stable income online while travelling or from the comfort of your home. I’ve been working as an Online English Teacher for just under a year now and I’ve doubled my income from my previous cooperate job. On average making $32 per 1:1 class and up to $100 an hour per group class.

Whether you want to replace your full-time job or are just looking for a side hustle, online teaching is great for that. There are many companies you can use to teach English online. All are different in their own ways and offer their own benefits. But the company I work for Amazing Talker is a platform designed to teach both children and adults. Not only is there a mixture of students from all over the world, but you can also teach different languages on the platform, though the primary language is English.

Have a look at my teacher profile HERE and you will see my current lesson rate, lessons taught and reviews to see my credibility as a teacher!

Become a Teacher with Amazing Talker

My profile (January 2021)


Before we begin…

I just want to let you know that if you use my referral Link: Teacher Hayley’s Referral Link  I can help you through your initial Amazing Talker journey. If you use my referral link you will be added to my Facebook Learning group. Which has tips and extra advice to help you get set up & on your way to becoming a successful teacher on the platform.

This post should help you decide if online teaching through Amazing Talker is something for you. If so how I can help you through the process of starting to work online.

Why should I work for Amazing Talker?

Simply it’s one of the best ones I’ve come across. I looked into many different platforms and previously worked on another teaching platform called Palfish for 3 months and after following the many rules and suggestions to build a student base I ended up unsuccessful and with 2 regular students…

Why Amazing Talker is the best:

  • No marketing (no social media like posts to gain student interest – meaning you can come away from the app)
  • No crazy competition with other teachers. If a student buys a lesson package. it’s with you and only you as their teacher
  • Amazing Talker finds the student matches for you
  • No crazy rules about cancelling/ changing lessons around. If you have a day you want to fully cancel for having a minor sickness or you are just tired you can cancel without any major implications to your profile
  • Set your own rates!!!! If you want your rate to be $30 an hour you can do that
  • Get to know your students on a close level and can cater lessons to what they like (I feel like I’m just calling a friend when I’m teaching conversation lessons)
  • Opportunity to teach group lessons and become a mentor for other teachers (meaning more income potential)

Have a look at my teacher profile HERE and you will see my current lesson rate, lessons taught and reviews to see my credibility as a teacher!

How To Become a Teacher with Amazing Talker

Things you need to have:

  1. Fluent in English

You will need to have one of the following things; Have an English associated degree, be an expat from an English speaking country, or be a native English speaker yourself.

  1. Experienced in English teaching

You will need:

  • Either English tutoring/teaching experiences
  • or Have gained an education associated certificates would be nice to have (eg TEFL/TESOL)

I have a TEFL qualification only (Teaching English as A Foreign Language) Which really gave me the core aspects to be able to teach others. You can also do a TESOL which is similar but different slightly.

Where to buy your TEFL course?

I bought the 120 hour TEFL course. Which was run by International Open Academy. This is course 2 which I recommend below. But I have also completed other courses with Premier TEFL to improve my skills and gain access to teaching materials and guides.

TEFL COURSE 1 – In-depth course (£95+)

If you are interested in a longer more in-depth TEFL course Premier TEFL runs many different courses of varying length and skills. Courses include tutor support, training on finding students and 6-month access. They are more expensive but if you are serious about learning to Teach English online it’s a better route for potential jobs and standing out from the crowd as you have a more advanced TEFL.

BUY A TEFL COURSE HERE — TEFL Courses, Qualifications & Jobs | Premier TEFL

TEFL COURSE 2 – Shorter & Lower Cost (£17)

This is the course I originally did with International Open Academy back in 2020. The course took me only 20 hours to complete, over a course of a week. I will admit this course is short and doesn’t provide as much value as some other courses, but it is good for basics and good if you are short for cash.

You can use my affiliated link to buy your 120 hour TEFL course with International Open Academy

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Is there Training?

Full video training will be provided for new teachers on Amazing Talker, how to gain regular students and use the platform. Also, you will have the opportunity to join a teacher mentor team. Meaning not only can you work with me you will be able to work with more experienced teachers on the platform. My mentor is a top teacher who earns over $5000 a month now working around 30 hours a week online. And his mentor has previously earned $9000 a month.. crazy right! When you set your own rates and hours this is possible!

Before you pass as a teacher you will have an interview via Zoom. Where the interviewer will determine if you are a good teacher for the platform. Typically you will prepare some lesson content to show an example of your teaching/ it will be like a typical job interview. Nothing to worry about all teachers are friendly here on Amazing Talker!

I have my own training group on Facebook with added tips and advice to help you become successful on the platform. You will only have access to this extra training if you use my referral link to apply as a teacher on Amazing Talker (Send me a message to be added to the group)

my referral Link: Teacher Hayley’s Referral Link

Become a Teacher with Amazing Talker

Can Anyone Work For Amazing Talker?

Pretty much yes! You don’t need a degree/ be a professional teacher or had previous experience. Although you do need to be a fluent speaker. in other words, even if your Native Language isn’t English, if you are fluent you will be able to teach.

Teaching types?

Amazing talker is different in that teaching types are solely down to the teacher. Lessons need to be organised and prepared by the teacher. This might sound scary if you have never taught English before. But you can suit that towards your teaching. However students are on the platform for many different reasons, so there is lots of option.

Examples of what students look for:

  • Young children who are looking to learn basic words and just have fun
  • Older children/ teens who need help building confidence/ reading/ speaking/ listening and writing practice
  • Teens and Adults who want to practice passing speaking/ grammar Exams to work or study in the UK 
  • Adults wanting to have conversation practice on different topics
  • Adults who are looking to improve vocabulary based on certain fields (business, medical, science etc)

Based on this you can create your profile on something you specialise in, so if you only want to teach children you can. If you only want to work with adults on conversational practice you can.

There are so many online resources/ lesson plans/ slides and curriculum’s which can be used to follow. You just need to be creative and resourceful with how you plan your lessons. I have tips for teaching material content in my support group.

How Much Do You Get Paid on Amazing Talker?

On Amazing Talker, we are paid every 15th of the month for previous months teaching.

Also, you set your own rate per lesson. However when you start off you will be offering cheap trial lessons to bring interest, In addition starting on around $10-15 per hour.. eventually, as you get more students and more experience on the platform you can start to raise your price. For instance, the average teacher makes $25 an hour. While some of the top teachers charge anything from $38-$150 an hour… That adds up!

Become a Teacher with Amazing Talker

My earnings since I started at the end of June 2020 (Screenshot from Jan 2021)

You transfer your earnings via either Paypal, TransferWise or Payoneer and then to your bank account

Get started as a Teacher With Amazing Talker

Follow these steps to Become a Teacher with Amazing Talker:

  1. Join my application support Facebook Group – Click to Join!
  2. Get your TEFL qualification IOA TEFL (cheap) or PREMIER TEFL (in-depth course) 
  3. Start your application Use my referral Link: Teacher Hayley’s Referral Link
  4. Follow my group training to help you get set up as a successful teacher! 

Drop me a message (FB: Hayley Crone / IG: headforhorizons) or email via Contact Me Page and we can discuss further if you have any other questions at all. I’ll be happy to guide you to get you started and work online as an English teacher!

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