South America Route: Every Country in 6 Months

If you are on a mission to see the entire continent of South America, believe me, it can be done! Although some parts are not easy, I managed to do it and this blog will show you my South America route, where I managed to visit all the countries. I spent 23 weeks (just under 6 months) in South America and had to be in New York for Christmas so I had a tight time limit. I made it from Belém, Brazil all the way around the continent mostly overland to Cartagena, Colombia to catch my flight.

Check out my South America route below, alongside the days I spent in each place. Hopefully, it inspires you to get off the Gringo trail and visit some of the less touristy countries just like I did.


The Journey

It took me 53 buses, 23 taxis, 5 Internal flights, 4 free rides, 1 4×4, 3 tuk tuks, 1 mototaxi, 3 ferries, 2 wooden canoe boats and 1 Amazon riverboat.. to cross the boarders and make it around this beautiful continent and explore all the amazing countries within it.


The countries

I visited; Brazil, French Guiana (actually France), Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Here was my South America route, see below for more details on stops and time spent in each place.

My main aim was to visit every country in South America, I wanted to see the smaller lesser-known countries to find out for myself what beautiful places/ culture and food they might have to offer. I like not judging a place based on other people’s opinions or by what’s popular, I prefer to go there myself to gain my own opinion. I truly had a local experience in the lesser-known countries, which were completely different from my experience on the Gringo Trail. Which is by far the most popular route around South America for backpackers. Check out this blog post on some other great routes around South America, including the Gringo Trail.

south america route

you can see I like the Lonely Planet guides

On this trip, I also planned to see the popular spots of South America;  Iguazú Falls, Machu Picchu, Torres del Paine, Bolivian salt flats, The Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rain forest. 

south america route

This map was my original rough plan.


I worked out previous to the trip if I could make it work within my time limit and it seemed I could. To be able to see the 3 Guianas (French Guiana, Suriname & Guyana) & Venezuela. I knew I had to fly to the north of Brazil and go overland, as these countries are not the easiest or cheapest to fly into. There was an option to fly to Caracas but with the uncertainly of my trip to Venezuela, I decided it was best not to. These 4 countries really seemed shut off compared to the rest of the continent so it wasn’t as easy travelling there. I only met 1 other traveller when I was in Guyana, who was also trying to visit all the countries in the world.

While on the road I knew my plans could change quickly depending on the people I met, money and time. The only 2 deadlines I had was I needed to be in Cusco for a certain date for my Inca trail hike, which had to be booked 6 months in advance. And then for my flight to New York from Cartagena to meet my mum on her birthday.


I had to skip The Galapagos Islands due to time and money constraints, as I would need at least a week there. I also skipped Brasilia from the original plan as I didn’t see much value in me going there. Then I added quite a few stops which I had either heard about while on my trip or just as some new friends were going there too.


South America Route

Here are the places I visited and the days I stayed for roughly.


(had plans to head back into Brazil after)

Belém – 3 days

south america route

24-hour amazon riverboat

 Macapá – 1 day

French Guiana

Cayenne – 3 days

south america route


Paramaribo – 3 days


Georgetown – 2 days

Lethem – 1 day

Horse riding at a ranch on my birthday

Boa Vista, BRAZIL – (bus change)


Santa Elena de Uairén (bus change)

Cuidad Bolivar – 1 day

Canamia for Angel Falls – 3 days

Check out my post about the tour I did to Angel Falls


Manaus – 2 days

Amazon Rainforest – 4 days

Rio de Janerio – 8 days

best places in South America

Bonito – 3 days

The Pantanal – 3 days

Campo Grande (bus change)

Foz do Iguaçu – 3 days

south america route


Encarnación – 3 days

south america route

the Jesuit ruins at Trinidad


Ferry to Uruguay from Buenos Aries

Colonia del Sacramento – 1 day

Punta del Este – 2 days

Punta del Diablo – 3 days

south america route

Surfing in Punta del Diablo

Montevideo – 3 days


Buenos Aires – 6 days

Puerto Madryn – 3 days

Rio Gallegos (bus change)

El Calafate – 3 days

south america route

El Chaltén – 4 days


Puerto Natales for Torres del Paine – 4 days

Punta Arenas (fly to Santiago)

Santiago – 5 days

Valparaíso – 1 day

San Pedro de Atacama – 3 days

best places in South America


4×4 tour Southern Boliva – 2 days

Uyuni – 1 day

best places in South America

La Paz – 4 days

Copacabana – 2 days


Puno – 1 day

Inca Trail – 4 days

Cusco – 5 days

Arequipa – 2 days

Huacachina – 2 days

Lima- 4 days

Máncora- 5 days


Cuenca – 2 days

Baños – 4 days

Quito – 4 days


Ipiales (stop between buses)

Medellín – 5 days

Guatapé – 1 day

Salento – 3 days

Santa Marta – 5 days

Cartagena – 3 days

I hope my South America route to all the countries will help you on your own travels. It’s a beautiful place and If I did that trip again, I would travel slower and make some more stops that I missed before. Check out my South American Bucket list for some more inspiration!

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