Staying Healthy While Travelling – 8 Top Tips

Staying healthy while travelling can be difficult sometimes, especially when your routine and environment is changing every over day. Travel life may look glamourous on Social Media but trust me it isn’t always that way. It’s so important to take care of yourself and it will help you in the long run even after you have finished travelling.

staying healthy while travelling

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Some of these things I wish I did more of in South America and I’ve learnt from experience because I came back with bad knees, bad skin and very broken hair.. Ouch! On my next big trip I’ll definitely be following my own advice on staying healthy 

Have a read of these 8 top tips and keep yourself healthy while travelling!

1. Drink Enough!

Water is obviously one of the things we can’t live without but it’s so important to stay hydrated. It’s good for your skin, digestion and might just stop you getting them random headaches.. Obviously make sure it’s clean drinkable water! Or you will end up with some other problems! There’s usually plenty of fresh juices and teas wherever you are which are great for hydration too.

I recommend buying these water purifying tablets which can be used on any water. Simply drop 1 tablet into a litre of water and wait 30 minutes and your good to drink. For me I had a 1 litre reusable metal water bottle with me also for the tablets. Good for places where you’re unable to get clean water.

Also this water filter bottle from LifeStraw. They are expensive but you won’t have to buy any bottled water ever again when travelling you can simply drink the tap water! Which avoids single-use plastic and the taste of the purifying tablets.


2. Eat Well

In some countries the local delicacies aren’t always healthy and sometimes are based solely on meat and carbs. Foods with lots of oil in can be really bad for your stomach and also skin. Obviously try all the different tasty foods but when you do get some veggies make sure you eat them up! Though it’s not the case for some countries, where their local food is mostly all good for you!

Tasty Local food Vegetables and rice in Paramaribo – Suriname

Also its good to make sure your food is clean and edible. Trying to avoid salad if you think it could have been washed in contaminated water. Drinking drinks without ice in, which could have been made with tap water. Meat which might look abit dodgy. Or food which you think might have been laying around and had fly’s on are best avoided. In most cases food is usually okay but some people have sensitive stomachs!

Blogger – Traveller Jade has a great blog post about Eating and keeping fit while travelling. Worth a read!

3. Good Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can really affect your health, you will have no energy, sometimes grumpy (me) and you might get more headaches. Constant nights of partying/ staying up late and then activities the next day. Or attempting to sleep on an overnight bus/ train really gets tiring after a while. If you’re unlucky you might have a loud snorer in your dorm room, who will keep you awake all night!

I think one of the best tips to staying healthy while travelling is to take breaks to catch up with sleep and feel refreshed. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a day simply chilling in your hostel bed catching up on sleep while everyone else is out exploring. In the rare occasion you might get a dorm room to yourself for a night or get treated to this beast of a bed on a tour where you had no idea where you was staying!

My king size bed for the night!

I recommend getting some ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper like me. They are a life saver when there’s some annoying person snoring their head off, or someone coming in late/ leaving early who has literally no idea of what the word quiet is.

4. Breaks from Alcohol

If you’re staying in very social hostels you always end up having a few drinks with your new friends, or checking out nightlife. After a heavy few days I always need a night off drinking to refresh myself. Drinking lowers some people’s immune system so you become more at risk of getting sick and that’s something you definitely don’t want while travelling.

staying healthy while travelling

Drinking beer by the Litre in Buenos Aries!

5. Stop if you’re sick or injured

There’s nothing worse than being sick on your holiday (even if it’s a 6 month holiday haha). Getting on a bus when you think you might be sick is not the one.. or trying to carry your fat backpack when you’ve hurt your foot hiking. Things take time to heal, wait it out until you feel better before leaving for the next place.

Time can always be an issue in most situations, like mine, In Colombia I was in a rush to get to Cartagena and I had hurt my foot the night before that but I had to leave to catch my flight in the next few days. Walking anywhere was killing me I was in so much pain with my backpack on, really was a mistake to have left and if I had more time I would have waited it out.


6. Use Quality Products

Good products can be hard to buy in different countries, especially ones which you aren’t used it normally. I’ve learnt from experience as I was using a cheap shampoo bar which I hadn’t tested at home and in the long run and it made my hair so dry and weak and a lot of it broke off. Good products which you know aren’t going to make your hair fall out or make your teeth super sensitive are good for you in the long run.

7. Time Alone

This is not a tip for everyone when staying healthy while travelling, but as a solo traveller and a mainly introverted person, I need some time alone just to be with myself and recharge my energy before going back out to be with groups of people. For me it can be tiring to be around people 24/7 especially as you spend time in the day/ night and share rooms with them. Take time to be alone, for me simply watching a TV show or listening to music in bed can be enough to feel refreshed.

staying healthy while travelling

8. A place to Rest and Relax

Places for simply doing nothing are key to maintaining energy on the road. Although travellers don’t really do much minus the occasional crazy hike, walking around cities and carrying that heavy backpack! But constantly moving around is tiring and staying in the same place for a longer period to relax will help to keep energy going! If you like somewhere a lot just stay a few extra days!

Watching Sunsets with dogs in Punta del Diablo – Uruguay

So if you’re either on a trip now or getting ready to go on one in the future, remember these tips on staying healthy while travelling and you’ll thank yourself for doing them in the long run.  You will enjoy your travels and the experience more if you feel healthy, happy and full of energy!

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